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Stuck With Your PhD Writing Already?

Did you know that less than 20% of students who apply to do a PhD course in the UK actually get accepted? So the odds of not being accepted to do a PhD course are stacked against you at 80%.

Q. We have many clients who ask us how they can be part of the ‘20% PhD Success Club’?

A. The simple answer is a well thought out and researched PhD Proposal!

How can we achieve this for you? It all starts by you telling us what subject area that you are interested in, then an appropriate PhD writer will be assigned to you. The writer will then diligently research fields of study that have not been studied before and present back to you normally with 2-3 titles of interest. Then the areas are discussed in detail amongst you and the writer to ascertain which area is going to most suit you.

Once an agreement has been reached, only then will the writer proceed with your proposal. The PhD proposal is then completed and submitted to your professor.

If any amendments are required by the professor, we work with you until you have your proposal accepted, first time around, every time.

So You Have Been Accepted Onto A PhD Course, What Next?

Once you have settled into your new PhD course, you will then be expected to conduct research of your own towards your PhD thesis and complete PhD coursework and other tasks. This is where your original PhD proposal writer will remain dedicated to you and work with you throughout the long arduous years of completing your PhD, completing every task that is expected of you along the way.

UK Assignments has a sister company dedicated to your PhD writing needs called UK PhDs; please visit them today at UK PhDs.

Also don’t forget to ask about their easy pay options – where you can fund your entire PhD course private lecturing programme with them such as PhD proposal writing, PhD coursework and PhD Thesis Writing needs in interest free instalments.

Pain free and worry free world class PhD writing services from UK PhDs.

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