Here is an UK Essay Writing Guide that will make the task of writing an essay easy!

1. Decide on What Your Essay Topic Will Be!

When selecting an essay topic you may face the following scenarios:-

i) The Essay Subject Matter Has Already been Assigned to You

Think carefully about the type of essay that you have been asked to write about, making sure that you relate it to your course. It might be that you have to give your lecturer a general overview of the topic or it could be a more specific analysis of the topic.

So if you were studying Business, in the case of a general overview essay scenario you should choose something like this ‘UK Manufacturing’ as your topic, or if the topic asks for something specific choose one like this ‘The decline of UK Manufacturing during the 1980’s’.

ii) The Essay Subject Matter Has NOT been Assigned to You

Choose a topic that is going to be of particular interest to you and carefully define the purpose of your essay beforehand. You may want to educate people about the subject area, or make the reader have the same beliefs as you do about the subject.

The point we are making is whatever the topic that you end up choosing, it must be fit for the purpose. Once you have been able to determine the purpose for your essay, start brainstorming ideas and make sure you write them down. Carefully consider each and every topic and then go for the one topic that presents itself with plenty of information that you can write about in your essay.

Once you have selected the topic and identified research and information then follow the instructions marked under the heading of ‘The Essay Subject Matter Has Already been Assigned to You’ mentioned above.

2. Create a Brief Outline for your Essay Ideas

The purpose of any essay outline is to briefly note down the ideas that you have come up with for the essay down on paper in an organised manner.

3. Write a Thesis Statement

Now that you have the information that you plan to have in your essay written down, you are now ready to start composing your thesis statement. Thesis statements help you to establish the ground on which the essay will be written.

4. Write the Body Paragraph(s)

This is the section where you describe, explain or argue the topic that you will have chosen for your essay.

Every main idea that you wrote down in the outline format will now become one of the body paragraphs. If you happen to have 3 or 4 ideas, then you will have 3 or 4 body graphs to write about.

5. Now Write Your Essay Conclusion and Introduction

Your essay needs 2 more paragraphs, the conclusion and introduction. One is the exit to your essay and the other is the entrance to it. The introduction paragraph is designed to attract the attention of the reader. The Conclusion paragraph of the essay just sums up your points and provides closure and a final perspective to the reader on your essay topic.

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