Thesis Writing Tips:

Theses that can be found online are those theses that have been submitted by other authors to University dissertation committees. If a student downloads a thesis online and makes minor changes to it with the intention of passing this work off as his/her own they will normally be committing a plagiarism offence in the eyes of the University.

But pouring through theses that can often be found for free online can be very rewarding, as it will help to solve a lot of the problems that you will be facing in writing your own thesis.

  1. Past theses can greatly help the ideas process: Therefore we recommend that you go through these online theses especially if you don’t have any ideas of your own. By going through these papers it will enable you to form new ideas and a methodology for your thesis, and ideas that will interest you too.
  2. By looking at these theses online, you can access new references and information sources that you might not have been aware of before. These sources will help to improve the credibility of your own thesis.
  3. Help in finding a topic for your thesis: Use theses found online to help you to choose a topic for your own thesis.
  4. Reference Availability: Finding references for your thesis can be time consuming and a real hurdle to the research process. Using the right type of referencing is crucial if you are to succeed in writing a good thesis.
  5. By referring to online theses it can improve the outlook of your own thesis: It will help you to embellish your own thesis by improving its credibility and its look – the appearance of your thesis makes a big difference. You can also discover how you can combine different parts of your thesis together.

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