You should use the following guidelines to help structure your arguments within your essay:-

• Be clear as to what areas that your paper is going to explore. What is this paper about? Do you have a particular interest in this subject area? Some of your reasons for the interest in this subject area can be related to the course that you are studying or it could be for a more general interest or hobby that you may have, whatever the reason, clearly state what the interest is.

• When writing an essay, you should always be making sure that you directly address the course aims.

• You should always be clear about the general structure of your argument, what is it going to be? So what you are effectively doing is mapping out the journey the reader is taking with you. This journey is always expected to be understandable and linear, so make sure you tell the reader how you got from Point A to B, with your conclusion serving as your final destination.

• Always be sure to tell the reader what form your essay will take: how much of the essay is going to be analytical? How much of the essay is based on reading text or published material? Is the essay based on any personal experiences of your own? If so, how much?

Most lecturers and academics like to see textually or analytical based arguments in their students work.

• Please note that descriptions and reproducing descriptive work is useful in some instances, but presented on its own, it is not enough to fulfil the criteria of what most University lecturers are looking for. So make sure that you don’t use descriptive text too much without adding in substantial research and analysis to back up what your descriptive work is saying in your essay. Use descriptive work to enhance your argument, not to derail it.

• Make the conclusion of your essay as synthetic and brief as much as possible. A Conclusion is merely there to remind and recap readers of the information that they have read about in your essay. In general, conclusions offer answers in a more general and concise manner.

Now that you have reached this point, ask yourself whether you have answered the questions properly that you explored in your introductory statement?

• A Conclusion is only there to serve as an end to the essay research and is not intended to raise any new questions.

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