Here Are Some of UK Assignments Top Essay Writing Tips:

1. Firstly You Must Think Differently

Spend time with the research and the topic. Do you have a particular angle on the subject area that might differ from your lecturer’s or the sources that you have found?

Will your lecturer allow you any leeway so that you can come up with your own version on the essay or do you have to stay strictly within the facts? You must know what your lecturer expects and wants first before you apply your own original thinking to your essay.

But of more importance is knowing yourself. Find things that interest you and find that voice within. Before proceeding down the original thinking route for your essay, it is advisable that you speak with your lecturer first about this. Sometimes you may have a new idea but could find that the idea is not that original at all. At times comparing two ideas together and thinking outside of the box, can lead to a new way of thinking. But beware original thinking can be risky and is not always rewarded in the short term, but this type of thinking can lead to great rewards not just in your studies but in your life ahead.

Essay writing and writing papers are most probably one of the important (and hardest) things you will have to do at University. Writing an essay is hard because it requires discipline, hard work, clear thinking and understanding. Essays require good research skills, expression and the use of clear language. They also make up a fair percentage of your overall degree course too, which is why it is critical that you can master them not just for your course but for your future career.

2. Start Your Essay As Early As Possible And Use Your Time Wisely

You will have heard the saying above a million times before, but it can all be too easy to let your time slip away especially when you have lectures to attend, work and an active social student life. So starting early is key to the success of your essay, as well as budgeting the time that you spend on writing your essay. Starting your essay early is imperative if you have to conduct extensive research and reading for it and can help you deal with any unforeseen problems that can occur like illness, or not being able to find the necessary required reading literature or research. An early start not only helps you to get your work done, but also with the brain storming process.

3. Clearly Grasp An Understanding Of The Essay

It is important that you fully understand the essay topic. By analysing the topic word by word, you can then clearly think about what is required and the scope of the work. You may also want to underline certain keywords from the essay and relate them to your reading and lectures. Figure out sooner than later, whether you have to interpret anything for the lecturer or just state the facts. If you are in any doubt, ask your lecturer or other students about their thoughts on the essay topic.


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