Essay writing and a student’s skill in completing one will always be an important method of assessing a student’s skills and abilities and will enable lecturers and examiners alike to discriminate between candidates.

As academic essays have evolved over the time, they demand more now than ever before from the student, with particular emphasis on posing questions which show a candidate’s high order skill set.

Therefore it is very important that you learn to improve your essay writing skills and techniques if you are to succeed in your degree:-

Here are some general principles that you can follow:-

• Essays always need a structure

– So make sure you make a simple plan for your essay.

– Always be aware of where your essay is going before you take pen to paper, for example you must consider your conclusion at this stage.

• Essays must be in response to a specific title

– Avoid the temptation of writing everything you know about a certain topic in your essay, irrelevancy will not help you to gain marks with lecturers, in fact just the opposite you are more likely to lose them.

– Carefully respond to the commanding words in question.

• Don’t forget to add the essay title

– Make sure that you regularly refer back to the question- preferably at the end of each page that you have just written.

– Aim towards the notion that each and every paragraph should answer the question.

• Avoid essays that are one-sided

– Your lecturers are looking for essays that explore and discuss differing view points. Views that can provoke some kind of reaction from the reader are generally the best.

– Always consider the basis of what your argument will depend upon, i.e. those assumptions or factors that are inherent in your argument.

• Always show the depth of your knowledge

– Make sure that you take care in analysing the question in order to demonstrate your understanding of the content.

– Be diligent and use accurate graphs to represent data and findings.

– Use examples related to your topic to back up the points made in your essay.

– Refer to other writers work in your essay (if you can) in a relevant and appropriate manner.

• Remember to use your analysis skills

– Try and breakdown the subject material in a revealing way that will help the reader to see the issues you are discussing in your essay.
– Use business concepts when you can to explore the effects and causes of the issues discussed in your essay.

– Also examine arguments in a critical manner.

– Always state which particular arguments that you believe are the most important in your essay and why.

• Remember to please the examiners at every opportunity!

– Use terminology and concepts that are appropriate to your essay subject area.

– Avoid using slang in your essay.
– Always be relevant, to the point and concise in your essay writing.

– Make sure you have left enough time for yourself to write a good conclusion to your essay.

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