The majority of most students courses are very much assessed on how well you can write essays nowadays, so therefore it is important that you can only write essays, but you must be able to master them if you are to succeed at University.

So follow our tips below and they will enable you to get better marks in your essays without having to do much more work than you would normally do.

Firstly you will need a good structure to your essay. You can not just put in an introduction at the beginning, a conclusion at the back of your essay and wedge the other information between these two chapters.

What You Need Is a Decent Structure To Your Essay:

1. So you have to start with a solid enough Introduction chapter, containing something about how you interpret the question, you should also make a brief reference to the argument or thesis which you are going to explore in the main body of the essay. You shouldn’t reveal the findings of your research at this stage in the introduction, so you should choose your words carefully in this chapter.

2. You also need a powerful yet tight conclusion which serves as a logical consequence to everything that has been written about before in the essay.

A well written essay will have developed numerous related strands and the Conclusion will tie all of this together.

3. So what happens next?

Well you will need to organise your material carefully so that it flows from one area to another or one sub section to another in a logical manner.

Each part of your work should build upon or follow the previous part (s) and guide the reader clearly through to the Conclusion.

One such approach is to thoroughly look through the notes that you have made and identify certain themes within the discussion and structure the essay considering those themes. Order the analysis of each of the themes so the essay builds up slowly towards the Conclusion.


Here is a tip that will help you, if you are not sure how to start your essay.

Get a big sheet of white paper and write down any phrases which sum up all of the thoughts that you have about the subject, incorporating the different ideas and questions that you have had in your mind, and the areas and problems that will have been covered during your reading.

Then carefully look for any similarities or related concerns, and then group them together in a way that will make sense to you. If you group or number the areas in order, this then becomes the order in which you will weave your essay.

You will soon see that you have created a structure for your essay. Now just check it and double check it to make sure it is more coherent and hey presto you have an essay.


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