The More Analysis You Undertake The Greater The Marks You Will Get For Your Essay

In any essay the more analysis that you undertake, the more marks you will get for the essay. Often you will need to describe something before you can analyse it, so the more analysis the better.

An illogical, muddled, poor or unsubstantiated analysis can still leave you with marks being deducted or no marks at all. Your lecturer is looking for a coherent, clear and consistent analysis from your work, and this has to be supported by evidence. Don’t be tempted to repeat what your lecture notes say or what some books say. Go off and research the best way to present your analysis by looking at other’s essays in the library or online and get a real feel for yourself on how to best analyse. Don’t be afraid to illustrate to your lecturer that you have awareness of others analysis.

Always Stay On The Essay Subject

Always stay on the subject area of the essay and don’t be tempted to wander off it. Keep checking along the whole writing process that you are staying on track with the essay question. If you have something of interest to mention, but it is of no real relevance to the theme or argument of the essay, make sure you include it in the page footnotes.

Don’t Hurry or Rush Your Essay

You might have done all right the last time you wrote an essay and stayed up all night drinking coffee to get you through the night before the deadline, but you would have most probably done much better if you had started researching your essay a lot earlier and then written the whole thing a few days or weeks before your deadline. An experienced lecturer can normally tell whether an essay has been rushed or not and will mark it accordingly.

Don’t Be Tempted To Cheat

Don’t use others ideas or words without forgetting to mention their name in your essay or you might be accused of plagiarism. Always make sure that your referencing is perfect before you submit your essay to your University.

Style and Substance

Whilst any student can have a good idea for his/her essay, this has to be balanced out with good writing skills. If your lecturer feels that there is no substance to your ideas, because you have not conveyed them well in your writing, then you are running the risk of losing a lot of marks in your essay.

Therefore don’t waffle or pad out your words, just because you are short of things to say in certain areas of your essay, don’t be tempted to go down the route of waffling. Use succinct wording at all times and if you feel like you are running out of things to say, just go back and revisit your research notes and see if anything new jumps out of the page that you can use in your essay.


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