UK Assignments is a network of British Academic Writers, who specialise in helping University students achieve great grades! All of our writers either hold MA/MBA’s or PhD’s from British Universities (and some of them are so obsessed with Academia that they have both qualifications to their name).

What’s more, because our team of writers are highly qualified, we do not have to employ foreign writers who often ‘cut and paste’ into your work, which means that your University is likely to charge you with ‘plagiarism’.

CUT OUT the Middleman and SAVE!

At UK Assignments, as you are dealing directly with a network of qualified writers, there is no middleman taking his 50-100% commission out of your payment, unlike essay writing companies on the Internet.

The work we undertake for you is GUARANTEED to be 100% original and of 2:1 or above quality each and every time.

So whether you want us to write 1000 or 100,000 words, the same care and diligence will be shown towards your work.

UK Assignments has writing experts in most subject areas, so you can be confident that we can help 90% of the time, whatever your request is!

If you are not native to the UK (as in you are an Overseas student studying at a British University), we will always show you special care so that you fully understand every aspect of the work that we will undertake for you, before you make any payment to us.

So what are you waiting for, submit your academic project TODAY to UK Assignments by clicking here.

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